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GINGER ZING! SEA SALT|ginger infused, USA

This flavorful, all natural sea salt is expertly infused with real ginger to bring out the most Ginger Zing! in your cooking. Enjoy on grilled sea foods, sushi and sashimi, sprinkle over mangoes and even tomatoes for a fresh twist. The juicy flavor is almost addicting—try it on poultry dishes and crisp salads with Sesame dressing!
Contains: unrefined sea salt and fresh ginger

2.8 oz jar $12.00add to cart

LIME OLÉ SEA SALT|lime infused, USA

Think clean, fresh and tangy! That’s Lime Olé! Squeezed from the freshest limes, our fusion with natural, unrefined sea salt brings a burst of lime to any dish. Enjoy on all of your favorites—fresh fish, Asian foods, desserts, sprinkle over sea food before grilling and of course, the rim of your favorite margaritas!
Contains: sea salt and fresh lime juice

3.5 oz jar $12.00add to cart


A divine fragrance that immediately invites your imagination to play. Try this curry fusion sea salt with chicken and pasta dishes, on roasted potatoes, grilled corn and other veggies. An interesting surprise on acorn squash with brown sugar and of course, in all of your Indian and Asian dishes that would bloom with this delightful compliment of flavors.
Contains: sea salt and curry spices

4 oz jar $12.00add to cart

SEL DE OIGNON SEA SALT|toasted onion infusion, USA

The sumptuous fragrance of toasted onion greets you immediately. Use this flavorful sea salt on roasted meats and veggies and it may be equally appreciated as a finishing salt adding just a touch of toasted onion flavor. Use on green beans, fresh baked French bread, potatoes, sauces, soups and stews.
Contains: sea salt and toasted onion

3.5 oz jar $12.00add to cart


The rich aroma of Porcini mushroom greets you immediately and blossoms when cooking. The perfect compliment to regional and Italian dishes, this fragrant, concentrated flavor of Porcini is notable in sauces, on salmon and delightful in risottos, soups and even sprinkled over crisp greens. Use as a finishing salt on breads and pastas, too. Bellisimo!
Contains: sea salt and porcini mushrooms

3.8 oz jar $17.00add to cart


Fragrant and full of natural herb flavor, you will enjoy this infused, unrefined sea salt that is perfect in almost all of your savory cooking, wherever a hint of Rosemary would be welcome. Delicious on oven roasted New Potatoes, on roast pork, lamb and sprinkled on Italian garlic bread.
Contains: sea salt and rosemary

3.5 oz jar $12.00add to cart

SEL D'AIL ROTI SEA SALT|roasted garlic infused, USA

Natural sea salt is expertly infused with all natural, roasted garlic. The robust, rich flavor is delicious on almost everything, crusty garlic bread, bagels, mashed potatoes, roasted veggies, grilled meats, pastas, and of course a crisp, fresh Caesar salad!
Contains: sea salt and roasted garlic

3.5 oz jar $12.00add to cart


The romance is complete—the fusion of a luscious, rich red wine and an all natural, whole mineral sea salt. Sel de Sauvignon is the perfect compliment to roast meats, pasta, chicken—think Coq A Vin, sauces and reductions. A beautiful finishing salt, too– sprinkle a little over aged cheddar!
Contains: sea salt and red wine

3.8 oz jar $13.00add to cart


Born of the Vanilla Orchid, the fruit of this flower is a pod that takes 8-9 months to ripen and emits a heavenly vanilla fragrance and flavor. Our Vanilla bean infused sea salt is the finest Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla available. Use on chocolate desserts, on baked yams and Acorn squash, and in light savory dishes.
Contains: sea salt and natural vanilla

3.3 oz jar $14.00add to cart

TRUFFLE BLANC™|alba truffle, Italy

White Truffles from Alba, Italy are the ultimate truffle experience. Treasured by chefs as one of the most prized flavors in the world, the Italian White Alba Truffle elusive but well worth the hunt, has been infused into fine sea salt.

Enjoy on grilled meats, vegetables, potatoes, sprinkle on hard cheese, popcorn and even eggs!

3.2 oz $21.50add to cart

TRUFFLE NOIR™|French Perigold Black Truffle

Winter Black Truffle's aroma and flavor has long ignited the inspiration of chefs world-wide.  It is only available for a very short time each year and luckily, its flavor is particularly well preserved in sea salt! Excellent on pastas made with heavy cream, risottos, eggs, most vegetables, sprinkled on aged cheese and particularly delicious when combined into unsalted butter! 

3.2 oz $21.50add to cart